Zsófia Szerda
Editor, photographer at weekly newspaper Hét Nap, organiser of Windmill Festival (Malomfesztivál) in Serbia.

She is part of the organisers’ team of Windmill Festival (Orom, SR), and the international regional contemporary theatre festival Desiré Central Station (Subotica, SR). The aim of the Windmill Festival is to break down all the barriers; to eliminate inner limits, banish borders between each other and between countries. Also, they would like to show everyone the unspoiled beauty of Serbia, Vojvodina where time has stopped, or at least it slowed down a little bit… Before the festival itself, there are art camps for the youth, such as: photography, film-making, music, literature, acting/theatre, dance.

Zsófia also works as a photographer, journalist and editor of cultural pages at the weekly newspaper Hét Nap, and worked several times in the State Theatre Csiky Gergely, Timisoara (Romania) as an assistant to director Kokan Mladenović.

As a photographer she has had exhibitions in Serbia and Hungary as well.